Company Profile

Helping you plan for a better life today and tomorrow

Lincoln Financial Group provides advice and solutions that empower Americans to take charge of their financial lives with confidence.

Our core business areas—life insurance, annuitiesretirement plan services and group protection—focus on supporting, preserving and enhancing people’s lifestyles and retirement outcomes.


A tradition of strength

With solid industry rankings, broad distribution capabilities and a strong financial foundation, we've been helping people take charge of their futures for more than a century.  

A commitment to corporate responsibility

We’re committed to service leadership, recognizing and celebrating good corporate citizenship, promoting sustainable business practices and improving the quality of life in our communities.  

Success through diversity and inclusion

Diversity and inclusion inform our business strategy and drive our success. We empower collaboration, insights and innovation among our partners and employees to reach our full potential.

Who is Lincoln Financial Advisors?

Lincoln Financial Advisors Corporation is a registered investment advisor with the Securities and Exchange Commission, and a broker-dealer, registered with the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA)and appropriate state securities authorities.

Lincoln Financial Advisors Corporation, an affiliate of Lincoln National Life Insurance Company, is wholly owned by Lincoln National Corporation (NYSE-LNC), whose corporate headquarters are in Philadelphia, PA. Lincoln Financial Group is the marketing name for Lincoln National Corporation and its affiliates.

Lincoln Financial Advisors has a distinguished tradition dating back over 50 years. We are a full-service planning organization with offices throughout the United States. Unique to our industry, we believe that our planners are our most important partners in the delivery of quality solutions to the financial needs of our clients.

Our financial planners form a national network of highly trained advisors in their field. As a client of Lincoln Financial Advisors, you will have the opportunity to leverage the strengths of this group, both nationally and locally, to supplement your knowledge and skills and help you plan for the financial security for you and your families’ future.